Q: What is Kishi Kawaii?
A: You don't know? Why are you here? *grin* It's a multi-ending RPG; you play an orphan girl who, after being turned out of the orphanage at 18, heads over to the next town to seek her destiny. It's sort of like the Princess Maker series of games. (And, if you needed to ask, see the next question.)

Q: I have the regular version, where do I get the Deluxe version?
If you got the Deluxe version directly from Hanako, http://www.hanakogames.com/ckd.shtml is offering a Deluxe upgrade for $5.
You can get the Deluxe demo here and buy the full version here.
(And you can get the demo and full versions of the original Cute Knight here and here. (Yay commissions! *bounce*!)

Q: How do I play?
Depending on what you do, your various stats are raised and lowered. Some stats are special - Dream and Sin have significant effects that I won't explain here (if you're curious, they're detailed in the walkthrough on gamezebo, but there be spoilers there.)

Q: Is it 'Cute Knight' or 'Kishi Kawaii'?
Either, 'Kishi Kawaii' is 'Cute Knight' in Japanese.

Q: When is Cute Knight 2 coming out?
A: I don't know! The author says 'maybe sometime', but she's working on a new game (Which I'm helping test! Yay!) and won't start Kishi 2 until after Fatal Hearts is finished. An enhanced version, Cute Knight Deluxe, with better graphics and some new features, is now available online and in stores (see above)

Q: Is there a Linux version?
A: YES! Download Cute Knight Deluxe/Linux demo free or Buy Cute Knight Deluxe for Linux. And I whined for it!

Q: Is there a Mac version?
A: Also yes. Buy Cute Knight Deluxe for Mac or download a free demo.

Q: Does the Mac version work on older Macs?
A: The Mac version works on Tiger and Leopard. It does not work on older Macs as far as I know.

Q: Can I use the Windows version under Wine?
A: The lofi Windows version will run on Wine; the normal Windows version won't. The Linux version runs better under Linux than the lofi one does.

Q: Can I help test Kishi 2 when it starts?
A: Probably not, I'm SPECIAL! :P Er, I don't actually know, you'll need to ask the author.

Q: Help, I got all the endings but one, and it's really really impossible to get!
Really old versions have a bug where you can't get one of the endings. If you're stuck trying to get Bodybuilder, save right before your birthday at the end of the game, hit F9. A dialog box will come up. Enter 'global.exer=global.exercise' (without the quotes) and then your points will be counted correctly.

Q: Are there any cheat codes?
A: If you've pushed all the buttons, you'll notice that F9 brings up a dialog box - enter 'global.gold = 1337' (without the quotes) into that box to get 1337 gold, mon! You can change other stats that way, too...
Also, the at the fair, the trader's items are randomly decided. So if you save before going to him, and he doesn't have anything Nifty, just reload and try again.

Q: Where can I find a crack for Cute Knight?
A: *sigh* You suck. *grin* Besides, it wouldn't work - the demo doesn't have the whole game data, only the part that is actually playable in the demo; if you cracked it, you'd be able to play longer, but you wouldn't be able to get to any endings not in the demo.

Q: Hey, you're lying, I found a crack on fileshare...
A: No, that's a worm; I don't know what it will do to your computer, but nothing good. Either the worm's author gave it a list of games to impersonate or it watches all searches for 'something crack' and responds to them with 'Something_Crack.zip'. And you still suck. =)

Q: I have a question that's not in this list!
A: Try emailing me or looking on answers.yahoo.com.