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Guess what I got?

Cute Knight Kingdom is on my PC now!

I don't really have as much in the way of useful tips yet as I do for Cute Knight just yet - but I did just discover that when you click 'run away' to escape from combat in the dungeon, you actually need to run away afterwards, because the monster will reappear in the same place it was in. Oops. But the good news is, I learned Nightmare...

And if you want Cute Knight Kingdom, you can get the demo from this link and buy it from this one. PC only right now, though I think they will be porting it like they did Cute Knight. (Though hopefully a bit faster!)

Item List
Items, Potions, and crafting recipes! (Under Construction)
I've started adding items from Cute Knight Deluxe to the item list!
A few new recipes from Esver, and I added the rest of the item images Mochishroom sent.

List of charms and guide for how to use them (Under Construction)
Birthdays and Their Effects
What happens if you're born in each month.

Monsters - COMING SOON
CuteKnight proboard forum
(Warning, spoilers! Don't click unless you don't mind them!)
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