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Gold Ring[Charm +1]
Ring of Enchantment[Charm +15]Flower + Gold Ring
Silver Ring[Charm +1]
Ring of Lies[Charm +30, 10 Sin]Night Stone + Silver Ring
Dazzling Ring[Charm +30]Gold Ring + Diamond
Ring of Brute Force[Strength +25, Luck -15]Silver Ring + Rocks
Ring of Fire[Fire]Gold Ring + Ruby
Ring of Ice[Water]Silver Ring + Sapphire
Ring of Lightning[Air]Silver Ring + Amber
Ring of Shattering[Earth]Gold Ring + Iron Nails
Ring of Strength[Strength +5]Silver Ring + Tooth
Ring of Vigor[Strength +30]Gold Ring + Emerald
Lucky Charm[Luck +5]Silver Ring + Amethyst
Lucky Stars[Luck +25]Lucky Charm + Fallen Star
Ring of Protection[Combat +10, Damage -1]Silver Ring + Runestone
Full Spectrum[All Magic]Silver Ring + Rainbow Crystal
Chaos Ring
Deluxe Only
[Special]Ring of Lies + Rainbow Crystal
Ring of Meditation
Deluxe Only
MindCrystal Orb + Gold Ring
(Thanks to Amber Bricker)
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