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Gold Necklace[Charm +1]
Necklace of Enchantment[Charm +5]Flower + Gold Necklace
Star-Touched Necklace[Magic +10]Fallen Star + Gold Necklace
Spiked Collar[Charm +5, Combat +5]Ribbon + Iron Nails
Tribal Tooth[Strength +10]Gold Necklace + Tooth
Glowstick[Light]Gold Necklace + Crystal Orb
Blessed Cross[Holy]Gold Necklace + Holy Water
Negative Necklace[Dark]Gold Necklace + Night Stone
Druid's Torc[Nature]Gold Necklace + Acorn
Heartstone[Emotion, Mind +5]Gold Necklace + Amethyst
Childish Trinket[Charm -5]Ribbon + Acorn
Ruby Necklace[Charm +10]Gold Necklace + Ruby
Sapphire Necklace[Charm +10]Gold Necklace + Sapphire
Emerald Necklace[Charm +10]Gold Necklace + Emerald
Diamond Pendant[Charm +10]Gold Necklace + Diamond
Warlock's Medallion[Special]Ruby Necklace + Runestone
Mercury's Blessing[Special]Sapphire Necklace + Amethyst
Stone of Ill Wishes[Strength -25, Luck -25]Emerald Necklace + Night Stone
Iron Collar[Combat +Special, Magic = 0]Negative Necklace + Iron Nails
Crystal Collar[Charm +5, Combat +5, Damage -1]Diamond Pendant + Crystal Orb
Forcefield[Special]Crystal Collar + Rainbow Crystal
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